Are you lagging behind or maximising the full advantages of SaaS solutions for your business?

  1. Lower entry costs – SaaS offers a much lower entry cost compared to an on-premise solution. In fact, in many cases, SaaS solutions are a fraction of the cost required to procure, deploy and manage an on-premise solution. You pay for what you use and for nothing else.
  2. Lower total cost of ownership – SaaS solutions are reasonably free of maintenance. Costs are reduced by eliminating the need to upgrade your IT infrastructure or purchase software licenses, with customer service built in you can reduce internal IT help-desk calls.
  3. Flexible pricing — SaaS offers flexible subscription pricing models. As your organisation grows (or shrinks), a SaaS solution can easily be scaled up or down accordingly.
  4. Lower risk — As you don’t host the software yourself you can reduce risks. Implementations are generally faster and are handled by qualified experts.
  5. More secure —Security is one of the top concerns for any SaaS solution provider. Most have a reliable, secure infrastructure in place more robust than many companies would build for themselves. With automated backup services to ensure your data is always safe. Major investment would need to make for an on-premise solution to match the security and reliability of most SaaS applications.
  6. Automatic upgrades — SaaS providers automatically and continuously upgrade their solution at no extra cost. Costs and effort associated with upgrades and new releases are thus much lower than the traditional model that usually forces the user to buy an upgrade package and install it.

For service businesses Key SaaS Service Management solutions help companies improve service management, improving process efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction to support business growth.  To find out more contact a member of our team or request a demo today.


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