Cybercrime – what you need to know

What is classed as cybercrime?

The definition of cybercrime is fairly broad and can range from simple tactics such as attempting to elicit passwords or other sensitive information from individuals right through to sophisticated hacks carried out by networks of cybercriminals.

Why have cyber-attacks on small businesses increased?

Although the cybercrimes we hear about on the news usually involve large corporations, hackers are becoming increasingly opportunistic – picking not the most valuable targets but the most lightly defended ones. Computers that haven’t had security updates installed are vulnerable, as are individuals who might unwittingly click on malicious links seeming to come from trusted organisations, such as banks.

Another factor in the increased number of cybercrimes is the availability and sophistication of hacking tools; making it easier for criminals to commit cyber-attacks.

How can I protect my business and its data?

Most businesses are able to protect themselves by relatively simple measures, such as installing and keeping up to date anti-virus and firewall software and having more complex password protocols for IT systems, computers and mobile devices. Despite the fact that such processes are low-cost, many businesses are failing to implement them effectively; leaving themselves open and vulnerable to the threat of cybercrime.

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