Hosted desktops restrict effects forecasted floods could have on businesses.

Hosted desktops restrict effects forecasted floods could have on businessesBusinesses, households, and motorists have been warned to prepare for flooding as another band of wet weather sweeps across the UK.

Met Office issues flood warnings as an already sodden UK prepares for fresh rain with severe weather forecasted in south-west England, West Midlands, Wales and a much of Scotland.

Up to 60mm (2.35in) of rain is expected to pound down within a few hours on to ground that is already sodden or flooded, and into rivers swollen by the autumn showers.

How would your business cope with a disaster such as flooding?  How long will it before you get your servers back up and staff working productively?

Hosted desktops help businesses return to business as usual following a flood. 

Having your servers hosted in the cloud enables remote working as well as easy & immediate access to data, software and files to limit the effects of downtime to your clients.

The remote working capabilities of hosted desktops allow you and your staff to work from anywhere from an internet enabled device and ensures your business powers through the challenge with little to no disruption to your clients.   Whilst some of your staff work to set your premises back to rights, the others can work from home or a temporary location to ensure business continuity for your customers.  Other businesses in your area could be out of action for days or weeks and the impact on their clients could devastating.

Hosted desktops are also proven to reduce IT spend and increase efficiencies.  Take advantage of a free hosted desktop trial to see the benefits for yourself. 

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