Is migrating to the cloud a difficult task?

Adopting the cloud is a big step for any business and the success of this process will depend on you and your company being ready for this change. To ensure you are ready ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you letting your thinking guide your actions? If you are viewing migrating to the cloud as a hassle and thinking that it is too much hard work, you will probably put off making this change. Seeing the switch to the cloud as an opportunity to improve your business is important to ensure you maximise the benefits. If you are worried about migration this is important and working closely with your provider on this process is critical so follow as the mantra ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’ goes planning migration carefully with your provider is vital, a Cloud specialist that skips over this isn’t right for your business.
  2.  Settling for cloud versions of the software you already use? As you look to bring this significant change into your business, it’s important to consider whether the cloud offerings of the software you currently use are the best ones for you? From secure document sharing for collaborative working for remote teams, to skype for business there are so many applications to choose from; selecting the right tools to enhance your business processes will help drive competitive advantage.  It’s worth evaluating other options choosing the best software applications you can access via the cloud to enhance your business processes so you get efficiency improvements.
  3.  Are you keeping your existing processes? The cloud can improve productivity within businesses, however, if you are looking to keep your existing process in place and not adapt them when migrating to the cloud you could miss out on using the cloud to its fullest potential.

Businesses that improve their processes using cloud technology are more likely to grow faster and generate more revenue than their competitors, generating 26% higher profits than their competitors, but this only happens when they use cloud technology to change their processes. From simple ideas such as reducing travel and meetings thus enhancing efficiency through to new applications to reduce admin and share secure management information with customers, there are lots of ideas. Choosing the right ones for your business is vital and speaking to a cloud specialist that wants to understand your business operation can really help guide you here.

Key Cloud Server offers a complete cloud solution for you and your business and guarantees 99% uptime. If you have questions regarding cloud adoption or would like to find out how it could benefit your business contact a member of the team today.



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