When is the right time to change your service management system? Spot the warnings

Your current system is difficult to use

Old service manager systems are often clunky and difficult to use. Consequently, there will frequently be parts of the system that never get accessed – meaning you’re paying for a system that you’re only really half-using. Cloud-based systems are streamlined and are designed with clean, appealing interfaces that are much more intuitive for users. Also, whilst older systems usually have a defined number of users, new service management systems are fully modular and scalable allowing you to add new users quickly and easily as your business grows.

You’re concerned your off-site staff are inefficient

Managing engineers and remote staff is notoriously difficult and it’s natural to think your engineers could service more clients each day.

Systems such as Key’s Service Manager Touch allow modular options such as route manager, and vehicle tracking – enabling you to monitor and manage daily activity in a simple to use platform that integrates seamlessly with cloud services via a PDA or mobile device.

You’re drowning in paperwork

Paperwork may once have been a necessary evil. Now, however, too much paperwork is often a clear warning sign that there are inefficiencies in a business. Paperwork brought into the office from a job means a further series of admin tasks such as manually inputting customer details, scanning and filing – all taking time and costing money. Having a cloud-based system allows paperwork to be uploaded remotely to a specific customer and job, saving time both initially and later on if the details of a job needed to be located in the future.

You don’t know your operational costs

If you don’t know how much profit you make on an individual job or a particular client, it could quite possibly be that you are losing money. By having a centralised accounting system that can record the costs associated with servicing a client, such as travel expenses, parts and labour, you can accurately work out the cost. This eliminates the potential for you to be unknowingly under-pricing.

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