Key Service Manager: Enterprise has been a major benefit to our business. We could not run our business without using Enterprise.


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Key Computers


Enables you and your business to manage your service, installation, repair and hire contracts with ease.

Our software allows you to access your system from anywhere on any device, increasing your performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Computers


Optimising productivity from your engineers in the field and remote workers, Service Manager Touch enables seamless transfer of information between field engineers and multiple offices in real time.

Working seamlessly with your mobile devices, we can ensure you choose the right PDA or mobile device for you or we can interface with your existing mobile devices.

Key Computers
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Service Manager Enterprise

Service Manager Enterprise enables you to take your service to the highest level, with our most advanced solution for total workforce and business management for businesses with up to 1,000 users.

Fully integrated, flexible and tailored solutions to fit the exact needs of your business.

Service Manager Enterprise includes all the functionality & benefits of Alpha adding enhanced functionality and custom programming for increased business compatibility to maximise your results.

Recommended for large field service operations, used across multiple locations with remote and office workers, using a range of mobile devices.  Enterprise helps large organisations increase productivity, streamline processes, achieve accuracy and provide comprehensive management information.  Enterprise can help you to improve decision making across all levels of your business, driving profitability and growth. Choose to host in the cloud or on your network; we have a range of solutions to fit your requirements.

The flexibility and advanced features of Service Manager Enterprise ensures that you are able to achieve service excellence and differentiate yourself from the crowd.


Service Manager Enterprise includes:

  • Designed to meet your unique business objectives
  • Integrates with 3rd party software
  • CRM & Quotation management
  • Increased control & visibility of all aspects of your business
  • Easy Service Desk management and engineer scheduling
  • Job control: easy ordering, job booking, contract management and scheduling
  • Maintenance and engineer scheduling: increases engineer capacity
  • Easily manage customers, prospects, job quotations and contract costing
  • Complete purchasing and stock control
  • Email invoicing which integrates with accounting software such as Sage & Quickbooks, improves accuracy and cashflow, and reduces admin.
  • Improved service levels to customers and provide access to a secure web portal to view their management information
  • Enables tailored reporting & service to individual clients; providing added value to customers, increasing competitive advantage and customer retention.
  • Advanced routing and scheduling using Service Manager route optimisation increasing capacity and enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Modular system; add functionality and roll-out to new users as your business grows.

Why Key?
  • High quality support & customer service
  • Proven experience in finding the right business solution
  • Improve the services provided with your business