Optimising productivity from your engineers in the field and remote workers, Service Manager Touch enables seamless transfer of information between field engineers and multiple offices in real time.

Working seamlessly with your mobile devices, we can ensure you choose the right PDA or mobile device for you or we can interface with your existing mobile devices.

Key Computers

Key Service Manager: Enterprise has been a major benefit to our business. We could not run our business without using Enterprise.


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Key Computers


Enables you and your business to manage your service, installation, repair and hire contracts with ease.

Our software allows you to access your system from anywhere on any device, increasing your performance and customer satisfaction.

Key Computers
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Service Manager Modules

We offer a range of Service Manager modules that seamlessly integrates with Service Manager Alpha, Enterprise and 3rd party systems.

Service Manager Touch

Provide a fast and seamless service by optimising productivity from your engineers in the field and remote workers. Using Touch you can speed up diagnosis and repair, enabling your engineers to service more clients each day.

Integrating Touch enables seamless transfer of information between field engineers and multiple offices in real time.  With Touch you always know where your engineers are and what they are doing.

Touch works seamlessly with mobile devices and cloud services transferring data securely. The team at Key has the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right PDA or mobile device to suit your business and engineer requirements or we can interface with your existing mobile devices.

Engineers have direct access to critical customer and job information, they can allocate parts, create new jobs, complete work and send invoices immediately after completion of work with no fuss.

Service Manager Touch features and benefits:

  • Know where your engineers are and what they are doing to increase engineer productivity and service desk efficiency
  • Provide access to critical customer and job information on PDA’s or mobile devices, speeding up diagnosis and repair
  • Enhanced stock management with full visibility of parts availability in the field, capability to allocate or order stock in the field, create new jobs or complete work with no fuss
  • Increase accuracy and productivity, reduce paperwork processing time and admin cost.
  • Speed up your payment process by sending invoices automatically upon work completion
  • Ensure your contracts are as profitable as possible
  • Deliver a superior service to customers

Service Manager Route Optimiser

Route Optimiser is proven to help improve service levels and reduce costs by planning the most efficient routes and delivery schedules.

Eliminating frustrations associated with route planning Route Optimiser significantly speeds up processes. Managing multiple jobs, multiple engineers and vehicles the system automatically plans the optimal distribution of work and calculates the most efficient routes considering parameters including:

  • Attributes of vehicle
  • Client requirements
  • Engineer skills
  • Start and end time
  • Start and finish locations
  • Territory allocation

Service Manager Route Optimiser benefits include:

  • Advanced routing and scheduling
  • Reduced fuel and van maintenance costs
  • Considerably reduce planning time
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased engineer capacity
  • Improved distribution of work
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Route Optimiser seamlessly integrates with Service Manager Alpha & Enterprise systems in addition to integrating with 3rd party systems; minimising user input and streamlining business efficiencies. So if you already have a system in place but want to benefit from Route Optimiser you can do so without investing or changing your incumbent system.

Service Manager Dashboard

Service Manager Dashboards provide insightful data and business intelligence to support improved business decision making.

Each employee can view up to date individual and company data, from multiple sources, displayed on interactive visual dashboards. Data is turned into useful analysis as Dashboards enables you to filter, penetrate and review data quickly and easily as well as enabling you to use effective KPI tracking, goal management and team collaboration.

You can create insightful reports with no fuss using simple point and click functionality. Dashboards makes it easy to share intelligence and collaborate with colleagues, ensuring that everyone within your business has the information they need to hand, to make informed decisions.

Access your data anywhere, any time and on any device through the mobile app; simply swipe to browse Dashboards and reports, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom.

Service Manager Dashboards, provides all the information you need for critical and informed decision-making that can help you to improve your company results and customer satisfaction.

Dashboard integrates seamlessly with Service Manager Alpha & Enterprise in addition to 3rd party systems giving you full visibility of all areas of your business.

Dashboard features and benefits include:

  • Increased control and visibility of all aspects of your business
  • Increased accuracy of reporting
  • Considerably reduce data preparation and analysis time
  • Helps to focus employees on individual, team and company KPI’s
  • All the data you need at a glance
  • Integrates with 3rd party software
  • Improves decision making

Service Manager Vehicle Tracking

Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your fleet with the latest tracking technology

Vehicle tracking systems can help over time to improve driver behaviour, significantly reduce costs, minimise environmental impact and enhance service levels.

An easy to use vehicle tracking solution which provides complete visibility and real time information, so you know where your field workers are and what they are doing. Making it easy to optimise schedules to improve service and efficiency and provide the latest information to customers on engineer arrival or delivery times. Reduce travel time, mileage, fuel bills and vehicle running costs.

Service Manager Vehicle Tracking enables you to respond proactively to problems or changes that may arise whilst ensuring your schedules remain on track throughout the day. If an urgent job, delivery or collection arises, you have the visibility to be able to identify and schedule the activity to the most appropriate vehicle to that location. Transport managers can be alerted to late or early running deliveries, customer service staff can be provided with regularly updated estimated times of arrivals and customers can be automatically alerted as drivers approach their destination.

Service Manager Vehicle Tracking seamlessly integrates with Service Manager Alpha, Enterprise and Route Optimiser software, in addition it integrates with 3rd party systems.

Features and benefits of Vehicle Tracking include:

  • Real time visibility of your employees and vehicles
  • Reduce fuel, van, maintenance and overtime costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Historic activity reporting, easy access to proof of delivery information.
  • Reduced fleet management administration time.
  • Track and improve driver behavior
  • Delivers quick returns on investment

Why Key?
  • High quality support & customer service
  • Proven experience in finding the right business solution
  • Improve the services provided with your business