Warehouse Manager Modules

With the flexibility to integrate with our Enterprise software as well as 3rd party software Key Warehouse Manager also includes Route Optimiser, Vehicle Tracking & Dashboard modules to help you optimise your delivery performance.

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Warehouse Manager

Optimise the efficiency of your warehouse with Warehouse Management Solutions that help you to succeed.

Providing an extensive range of modular, fully integrated solutions tailored to suit the requirements and budget of any warehouse operation.

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Warehouse Manager Modules

Warehouse Manager is specifically designed to work with your fleet, with a range of modules available to help you optimise delivery performance.

Route Optimiser

Warehouse Manager Route Optimiser enables you to plan routes and scheduling of your fleet with ease reducing your planning time by 40-50%.

By planning the most efficient routes and delivery schedules you can reduce your costs whilst improving your service, making optimum use of driver time and achieving the highest levels of service delivery to customers with accurate scheduling.

Route Optimiser automatically plans the most practical and cost effect routes, enabling reductions in fuel costs and planning time whilst increasing driver productivity.

Warehouse Manager Route Optimiser can manage multiple orders, drivers and automatically plan optimal distribution of deliveries by calculation the most efficient routes based on parameters such as:

  • Attributes of vehicle
  • Client requirements
  • Start and end time
  • Start and finish locations
  • Territory allocation

Route Optimiser seamlessly integrates with Key Warehouse Manager Enterprise system as well as 3rd party systems.

Warehouse Manager Route Optimiser features and benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel and van maintenance costs
  • Considerably reduce planning time
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased driver capacity
  • Improved distribution of work
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Vehicle Tracking

Harnessing the latest GPS tracking technology Warehouse Manager Vehicle Tracking provides complete visibility of your delivery vehicles, enabling you to optimise driver time and enhance your customer service levels with real time information on the whereabouts of your drivers plus and give estimated arrival times for customers.

Warehouse Manager Vehicle Tracking enables you to respond proactively to problems or changes that may arise whilst ensuring your schedules remain on track throughout the day. If an urgent delivery or collection arises, you have the visibility to be able to identify the nearest vehicles to that location.

Transport managers can be alerted to late or early running deliveries, customer service staff can be provided with regularly updated estimated times of arrivals and customers can be automatically alerted as drivers approach their destination.

Historic activity reports on your fleet and proof of delivery information reduces admin time handling queries.

Vehicle Tracking seamlessly integrates with Warehouse Manager Enterprise software and Route Optimiser, in addition integrating with 3rd party systems. The main features and benefits include:

  • Real time visibility of your drivers
  • Reduced fuel, van, maintenance and overtime costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced carbon footprint


Warehouse Manager Dashboard displays the most accurate and up to date data, from multiple data sources, on interactive visual dashboards. This enables you to filter, penetrate and analyse your data quickly and easily as well as enabling you to use effective KPI tracking, goal management and team collaboration.

With Warehouse Manager Dashboards you can create insightful reports with no fuss using simple point and click functionality. You can easily share intelligence and collaborate with colleagues, ensuring that everyone within your business has the information they need to hand, to make informed decisions.

Access your data anywhere, any time and on any device through the mobile app; simply swipe to browse dashboards and reports, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom.

Warehouse Manager Dashboards, provides all the information you need for astute decision making that delivers results. It integrates seamlessly with Warehouse Manager Enterprise software and other 3rd party systems.

Dashboards includes the following features:

  • Increased control and visibility of all aspects of your business
  • Increased accuracy of reporting
  • Integrates with 3rd party software
  • Considerably reduce data preparation and analysis time