Business Intelligence

Improve decision making, by ensuring you have the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources.

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Business Intelligence

Integrate Business Intelligence with our Service Management software and 3rd party software with ease.

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What We Offer

Key Business Intelligence improves business performance at all levels of your organisation via effective KPI tracking, goal management and team collaboration. Our software can improve decision making by providing you with the most up to date and accurate data, from multiple data sources. There is also the functionality to filter and analyse data quickly and easily with our interactive visual dashboards.

When it comes to analysing any business data, it is not one size fits all and companies have a need to have different analytics for employees with diverse skills and roles. Key’s Business Intelligence will provide you with the information that you require, allowing everyone to understand the data, share insights and make informed decisions throughout your business.

Business Overview – Dashboards & Reports

Our Dashboards and Reports are available to all your employees, delivering information and analysis across all areas of your business. Our software enables all employees within your business the support they need to create, interact with and share a wide range of visuals, dashboards and reports to anyone that needs them, even engineers that are mobile and out on site. You have the flexibility of scaling this software to meet your requirements and it has a mobile functionality meaning that you can view it on all mobile devices, which is great for engineers out in the field or if you are on a site visit.

Tailoring your Dashboard

With the various roles and skills within your business we understand that having a one size fits all approach will not be the beneficial to you and your business. Therefore our software has been designed to enable all your employees to use the information that they require by tailoring the reports and analytics to match each individual’s specific role and needs.

Visuals & Reports

Our visuals and reports combine data from databases, spreadsheets and cloud sources, allowing you to discover and share insights with your colleagues in real time. Key’s Business Intelligence will allow all your employees to bring data to life and analyse it with ease, to discover emerging patterns and trends regardless of their technical backgrounds.

To find out how our Business Intelligence can work with you and your business, please contact us to speak with one of the team.