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Key Computers

Cloud Server

Work smarter and reduce your IT costs with our impressive range of Hosted IT solutions; including Hosted Desktop, Hosted Exchange & Back-ups & Cloud Telephony solutions.

Key Computers

Service Manager

A total workforce and business management solution, for service maintenance and installation organisations, that will increase your efficiency, optimise your workforce and boost your sales.

Key Computers

Warehouse Manager

Multi-faceted stock control & distribution solutions for warehouses; including multi-location, bonded and third party warehouse operations. We help clients to achieve maximum operational effectiveness.

Key Computers

Business Intelligence

Key Business Intelligence improves business performance at all levels of your organisation with effective KPI tracking, performance management and team collaboration.

Key Computers
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Explore what Key Computers can do for you

Why should we consider the cloud?

Key Cloud Server is a secure, reliable and hassle free approach to IT, our qualified experts will fully assess your IT requirements and explain every aspect of a suitable hosted infrastructure that will help support your business. Read More

How can
I ship orders quicker?

Key's Warehouse Manager software can receive and process orders from multiple sources, and facilitate picking and sending in the most expedient way possible. Read More

How do I get more from my engineers?

Key Service Manager mobile software is designed to increase productivity by making your workforce more effective.
More jobs - More first time fixes - Better scheduling.
Read More

How can I make my business more profitable?

Key Service Manager delivers easy to digest and accurate information to give you complete transparency on where you make and lose money Read More

Is being Hosted
a risk?

Every choice we make is a risk. Key Cloud Server is specifically designed to mitigate the risks of a traditional on-site server. Our highly resilient infrastructure ensures every conceivable eventuality is catered for. Read More

I want to see how my business is performing?

Our Business Intelligence software delivers configurable, easy to understand information about the performance of your business. Read More

What our customers say

I am very pleased with our hosted desktop. Security is infinitely improved with back ups taken care of and IT hassles a thing of the past. Everything runs a lot faster and we can now work from anywhere. I would definitely recommend a hosted desktop to other legal practices.

Practice Manager, Miles & Cash Solicitors

What our customers say

We were able to cut our annual IT budget by 60% and save a further £15,000 by no longer needing to replace our old server.

Owner, Warr & Co

What our customers say

Key Service Manager: Enterprise has been a major benefit to our business and now, we could not run our business without using Enterprise.

Company Director, MSM LTD

What our customers say

I am very impressed with the support and performance received during our recent move to your hosted desktop. I was very nervous and sceptical. I was expecting the migration from our in-house server network to be an extremely stressful event, as we had been using it for over 14 years. It’s not often I say this, but so far I am a very happy person.

Managing Director, Path Recruitment

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